Jazz Nutcracker Summer Intensive

Marigny Opera Ballet is preparing a new Jazz Nutcracker…

Dance Studens age: 9 to 16

The marigny Opera Ballet is looking for students to participate in the world premier of its’ Jazz Nutcracker!

The summer Intensive will give potential performers the opportunity to train and learn from our dancers and choreographers. As we move towards returning to the stage, this program will allow students to experiment with new and old dance concepts. Moreover, spending a week side by side our dance community will be so fun, good for the body and the hearts of those who long to dance!

Space is limite, so, register today!

Audition Date and Time:

May 8th at 10 Am



Summer Intensive Dates and Times:

June 14 to 18, From 9 AM to 5PM

Daly classes will include:

  • Ballet Tech
  • Dance conditioning
  • Variations and Marigny Opera Ballet rep
  • Contemporay and floor work
  • Nutcracker choreography workshop
  • Wellnes forums and one on one mentoring sessions