Registration- All levels of the Ballet Program

Class schedules are subject to change based on enrollment.

ATTENTION! Please read and follow each step thoroughly. Class placements are subject to availability and a placement class evaluation by the instructor. 

  1. Read Our Policy.  Click through to thoroughly read our policy and make sure you agree to the terms.
  2. Contact us and reserve your spot in one of our classes.  Please check our schedule of classes and send us a messge through our contact page. Please tell us what class you are interested in and once we have checked the availability of the desired class we will schedule a 30-minute interview with Jarina Carvalho.
  3. Schedule your placement class.  If you have a new dancer, of course, this is not required.  If your dancer has any experience in dance, we request a placement class for her or him by one of our instructors, who will then place your dancer in her or his appropriate class.  You will schedule this placement class during your interview.
  4. Complete all forms. All forms must be printed and signed before the dancer takes his or her first placement class.
  5. Make Payment. Class and registration fees can be made in person via check, cash, or credit card or through our online store. DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT IN THE ONLINE STORE BEFORE  FULL REGISTRATION PROCESS IS COMPLETED.
ADULT OPEN CLASSES –  Age 18 and older
Adult Ballet Dancers tkae class along side pre-professonal tudents

These include ballet and contemporary classes. Adults are welcome to come to take classes with our students. For all our ballet classes follow the instrucions above.

For our monthly contemporary workshops please visit our workshop page.