Ballet Health Clinic

 Our Tulane Clinic will be Back soon!

The clinic is taking a break from August 1 to the 21. Once Live Oak’s programs come back, August 21, the clinic will return as well. The new day and time are listed below.

FREE Weekly Injury Assessments Every Saturday from 8:15 to 9 am 

Get evaluated by a certified athletic trainer

Receive tailored corrective exercise programs

Direct access and referrals to Tulane physicians

Come visit us every Saturday 8:15 am, no sign-up or fee required.

Speak to our representative Lindsay directly for more information or to schedule an appointment. Please note Lyndsay is the point of contact for the Dance-Clinic program, and no other Live Oak Dance personal will be able to help schedule your visit.

Here is how you contact her:

She is also available by phone: 504- 408-1637

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Dance Athlete pre-participation questionnaire