Summer Intensive

We had an amazing Summer intensive this year and are looking forward to 2019 to another wonderful experience!

Whether your child is simply curious about ballet or has dreams of being a prima ballerina, our ballet summer intensive is a well-rounded approach to the classic practice of ballet.

Our students enjoy instruction on the basics of ballet, along with some extra classes that ensure our dancers will be fully immersed in the best ballet instruction in New Orleans.

Ballet infuses children with discipline, a respect for the arts, and a sense of accomplishment that cannot be garnered from any other practice.  If you are curious about what ballet can do for your child, our summer intensive program is the perfect way for both of you to immerse yourselves in the world of classical ballet.


Audition information:

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Junior Ballet Summer Intensive Program 2 Weeks Program

ages 8 -11


Daily Classes Include:

Conditioning for dancers

Daily Ballet technique

Choreography and rep20171209002037

Modern Dance


Proper Nutrition



Pre-Professional Ballet Summer Intensive 3 Weeks Program

 ages 12 and up

Daily classes include


Conditioning for Ballet Dancers


Daily Ballet Technique

Pointe Class

Ballet Partnering


Contemporary Choreography

Modern Dance


Improvisational Dance

Proper Ballet Nutrition

Confidence Class