Ballet Blog: Looking back at 2019

What a year, Live Oak Family!

When we look back at 2019, we will probably always remember it as the year of experimentation. In 2019, Live Oak Dance held the greatest number of specialized workshops to date. From adult beginner ballet workshops, to contemporary workshops, to a completely revisioned winter intensive,  we explored the outer limits of our dance practice and participated in an expanded outreach to a more varied group of students.  Not to mention, we made some really pretty posters as well:

As we continue this expanded approach into 2020, we encourage all dancers, aspiring and seasoned, to join us in these insightful and practice-expanding programs.  These workshops give students an unparalleled opportunity to experiment with a different style of dance from a knowledgeable local professional without the long-term commitment of a full-time program.  

Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite workshop was this year and why.  And while you’re at it, what was your favorite poster design?

Marigny Opera Ballet and Live Oak Dance Partnership

In 2019, Live Oak Dance and NOLA Ballet Company Marigny Opera Ballet made our longtime friendship official and became partners.  Live Oak Dance has seen so many beautiful opportunities due to this collaboration, including…

…Our first production at the Marigny Opera House!

Scott Saltzman photos from our Spring 2019 Original Production, “La Pintura”. 

…Our First-Ever 5 Week Summer Intensive!

  • Our Pre-Professional Summer Intensive ran for the usual 3 weeks, while the Junior Ballet Camp ran for an extra week in August.
  • Attendees enjoyed the talent and experience of award-winning local choreographers Becky Allen, Derwin May, Jr., Kellis Oldenburg, and Gretchen Erikson as part of their Live Oak intensive experience.  

…And last but certainly not least TWO of our students performed in official Marigny Opera Ballet productions, including Midsummer Night’s Dream and Sacred Harp!

We love our new teachers!

Katie and Lily were both my students as they were growing up and I could not be more thrilled to have them back, now as teachers and mentors! 

Additionally, local choreographer Rebecca Allen returned to Live Oak in an official capacity this year, teaching our Ballet 4 class.

BobBallet Symposium

Attending the BobBallet symposium was one of the most illuminating and informative experiences I ever had as a dance educator.  Plus, it was a great opportunity to see some old friends and get to know some amazing humans in our professional field.

* In pictures, top left to right: Here I am at the mixer in between Margaret Tracey and Robert Garland. Ramon Flowers. Beautiful ladies; ChandraMoss,La’Toya Princess Jackson, and Jordana Daumec. The lady of the hour Theresa Ruth Howard, thank you so much for all the work you put into this wonderful symposium. Educator’s team: Georgia Bray, Jamie Robson, Marion Tonner, Margaret Tracey, Kristal Dionne,Monica Stephenson. The names of the two ladies on each end of the last picture are missing! Any help getting their name is deeply apreciated.

Nurturing the Whole Dancer Winter Workshop

This year, with the help of Kesha Mckey, we reformatted and revisioned our winter workshop into something brand new and invigorating, not only for Live Oak Family, but for the dance community at large.

Much was learned this year and this workshop was the perfect end to this truly mind-expanding 2019. I was so motivated by the discoveries we made during this workshop that I decided to write a whole blog about it. So, keep your eyes peeled for the “Epiphany” Ballet Blog.

Looking forward to 2020 and more experimentation!