Jarina’s Video corner- dancers

Hello followers!

This week, we are focusing on some extraordinary dancers.

Ballet, despite all of its rigorous training, always brings out personal nuances that add so much richness into the practice.  These dancers personify how personal style always comes through, not in spite of classical training, but BECAUSE of classical training.

First, Ashley Bouder embodies the richness of the neoclassical Balanchine style in Tchykosviky Pas de Deux.  Her layered, elegant, yet energetic number is so invigorating and contagious, that even the audience cannot refrain from responding. She is partnered by Semyon Chudin.

Next, we have a montage by the San Francisco Ballet as a farewell to two of their principal dancers, Vanessa Zahoria and her husband Davit Karapetyan.  Davit and Vanessa both exemplify the empowerment that results from intense classical training.  As though that weren’t impressive enough, their onstage synergy is extremely palpable.

The last video is an exploration of the spectacular Lorena Feijoo’s dance career.  Once again, her training has given her the power she needs to fully realize her personal style:  drama!  Feijoo is truly, as her director says, larger than life.

Thank you for watching, and if you dance with me, I hope you are as inspired and ready as I am to infuse the spirit of these dancers into our practice this week.