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The Live Oak Dance location on Oak Street is closing October 5, 2020.  

This has been quite an inspiring run.  We look back on everything we have accomplished in this eccentric little corner of the world, and we are proud.  The growth, talent, community, inspiration, and friendship are memories we will all take with us for the rest of our lives.   

Our classes and teachers have been taken over by Artivism Dance and Sophia Rabinovitz. We feel confident that in Sophia’s capable hands our students and families will be able to continue their dance education in a safe, edifying, and joyful space.

- Ballet and contemporary classes in New Orleans
Pre- Professional Students performing in Elementa- 2018

After a leave of absence, our Jarina Carvalho will be continuing her legacy through personal coaching and mentorship. and our social media channels will not be closing; however, they will become platforms for her personal career (including her blog!).  You can continue to connect with Jarina through our facebook and Instagram.

Read below for more on Jarina’s personal message to our family and friends.  This moment is bittersweet, because as we will miss our time at a physical location, we know that what the future holds for all of us is something even better.

Sending hope, lots of love, and tons of gratitude to every single person that made Live Oak Dance a memory that we will always hold close to our hearts.

Dear Live Oak Family,  

In 2013 I opened Live Oak Dance with the goal of creating a space for students to practice ballet in a new way. The dream was to create programs that were both strong enough to propel serious students into the professional dance as well as flexible enough to allow leisure dancers to explore ballet in a nurturing way. I felt prepared for the challenges of this dream, the decisions I had to make were well in my wheelhouse. Over the years I have learned to appreciate most of the tribulations that have come my way as I was able to grow from each new experience. I used the values I learned as a dancer of creativity, empathy, and perseverance to run Live Oak and support dancers: professional, aspiring, or recreational.  

I feel proud and accomplished with what Live Oak has presented to the world in these seven years. Our more dedicated students have accomplished so much, earning scholarships, placing well in their national auditions, and entering world-renowned dance institutions. For all our students, our yearly spring recitals demonstrated creativity while preparing our students to perform in front of an audience all while maintaining a flexible and enjoyable environment.  As I look back, I see so many wonderful moments and I am so grateful for that!   

My greatest difficulty during this pandemic has been decision making. I have run the school mostly on my own for all these years and it is my job to decide every aspect of how we move forward.  

The school persevered through the summer months with the help of so many of you. Thank you! I am also pleased with the team of teachers we have in place now and I am confident they will be able to carry classes without much disruption during this transition.

Stepping away from teaching and running a school is not something I take lightly. But I would like you to know that I am relieved that I can do this without having to close the space altogether.  

As October approaches I am pleased to welcome Sophia Rabinovitz and Artivism to the studio that Live Oak Dance used to inhabit. Even though it won’t be called Live Oak Dance anymore, it will still be a place that carries very similar philosophies and values as Live Oak did. Sophia will bring the energy and excitement that is required to implement a hybrid program, and all our students will have the opportunity to go back to in-person classes very shortly. 

Children’s classes will stay the same and the majority of our teachers will continue teaching their classes. For the teen and adult program contemporary, yoga and hip hop will be added to the schedule. I will return periodically for masterclasses and private lessons, but for now, I am taking a break from teaching.  

Please know I have enjoyed you and teaching dance to all our students, always!    

Thank you so, so much for your support!   

Jarina Carvalho

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