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Friends and family of Live Oak Dance,

Live Oak has always sought to operate our ballet school under the essential values of inclusion and equality.  Our founder was raised in dance environments that insisted on diversity and opportunity for everyone and that value is woven into the very fabric of our school. Our scholarship program has always been in place to support students on the basis of both economic need and the willingness, talent, and drive.  Due to some unsavory reactions we experienced while attempting to make the program public knowledge, we decided to keep this program quiet.  

Until now.

In light of the recent events of the covid-19 pandemic, along with the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests, we have discovered that keeping this program quiet is no longer the correct choice.  Despite our attempts at hinting at financial assists, parents and students are still quietly abandoning their training due to economic strain.  Families do not know that this program exist, because it is not public. We believe that people who are called to dance must dance

We know that economic opportunity in our country is prejudicial and unjust.  This is our answer to that call. Not only is Live Oak Dance going public with our scholarship program, and not only will we continue to contribute as we have in the past, but we are now opening up the program to community donations to broaden opportunities for dancers in need.  

Patrons can donate under the “student in need fund” option under our tuition page, and parents and current students can now opt to add on $5 to contribute towards the fund.  We will publicly disclose in our monthly newsletter how much was added to the fund in the previous month, and additionally disclose how many students have been assisted through the program. 

As this program fleshes out, we hope to be able to offer more scholarships to new applicants.  If you are a new applicant and wish to know more information about full or partial scholarships as they become available, please contact us directly.

We hope that this answer is one of many that we can lend to the struggles that we all have been grappling with over these months.  We also hope that this empowers you, as students and patrons at Live Oak, to take action in bettering the disparity of opportunity in the dance community as a whole.  

Thank you for all of your help.  

In solidarity, Live Oak Dance

Live Oak Dance and the challenge of COVID-19:

Live Oak Dance hosted its last in-person class on Thursday, March 13, and has remained closed at its physical location since that time.

All classes are now live via Zoom until further notice.  

For any newcomers who would like to access our online classes page or our zoom classes, we ask you to visit our contact page so we can get you on your way. 

Live Oak Dance is committed to bringing the joy of ballet and contemporary dance to New Orleans!

Jarina Carvalho, former ballerina with Dance Theatre of Harlem and current ballet master of Marigny Opera Ballet, founded Live Oak Dance in 2012. Starting in New Orleans with ballet and contemporary classes the school continues to grow!

The programs are more specialized, and as a result, more fine-tuned to the needs of our dancers.  In 2019, LOD became the official school of Marigny Opera Ballet, allowing us to provide our students with opportunities to go from classroom to the professional stage.

Our small classes ensure a personalized approach to the dance training. From beginners to advanced students, we welcome all levels, year-round! Furthermore, dancers in our school get to work with an amazing array of teachers who are dance professionals, active in the New Orleans dance scene.

- Ballet and contemporary classes in New Orleans
Pre- Professional Students performing in Elementa- 2018

Our dance school host students from ages 3 to 11 in our Children’s Program and 11 to adult in our Pre – Professional Program. In addition to our ballet and contemporary lessons, dancers in our school can look forward to cross-training with Pilates classes and workshops in modern dance, yoga, and more!

Not sure yet? Fact check our claims by visiting us on our social media channels. Visit Instagram, FaceBook or Google, to see the wonderful reviews our amazing parents write about our school.

Contact us anytime for registration or questions – we look forward to seeing you in the studio!

we provide our students with opportunities to go from classroom to the professional stage

PARKING INFORMATION:  Public parking is available along Oak St. and side streets. Please note, parking on Oak St. is metered during city-mandated hours (8AM-7PM) and patrolled regularly. Off-street parking is available at no cost.

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